Picture of Gut Health Diploma Certificate
Gut Health Diploma Certificate

What is gut health and why is it important?

During Covid 19 in 2020, I completed a course about gut health and the microbiome, a recently discovered mechanism of health that no one knew existed.  It revolutionized my way of thinking and my health.

Since I can remember I have suffered from gut issues such as IBS, Constipation, GERDS (Reflux) and everything else in between.  My mental health has also suffered at times and I have experienced bouts of crippling anxiety and fatigue.

After completing my diploma, I continued my studies into Herbal Medicines, Nutrition and using permaculture to grow food. These all go hand in hand with maintaining the health of the gut and the microbiome.

It also helped me make the connection with the soil food web and how microbes move from our environment to our gut and made discoveries of their symbiotic relationship with us and the plants that we eat.

We are now understanding the links between the gut microbiome and problems with weight gain, brain fog, stress and anxiety, just to name a few. Although this may seem like very different problems, we are learning that they are connected to the health of our microbiome. Our gut is our bodies first line of defence against chronic illness and disease. Our gut health is affected not only by things that we put inside our bodies, but from external elements.

In the category of Gut Health, I will help break down the gut microbiome to help you understand what you need to do to take action for a healthier lifestyle. You can become your own best advocate for taking care of your health.

The Big Picture

“What is the gut microbiome?”What is leaky gut?”, “What are the benefits of gut health?”, “How can gut health be improved?”, “What are the risks of gut health deterioration?” and “How does the gut affect the brain?

Think Happy!  Lifestyle, behaviour and positive thoughts impact a person’s Epigenetics

Nature has a profound effect on us.  Everything we touch, inhale and eat has environmental microbes that influence our gut microbiome

There’s been a loss of diversity in the gut as a result of our modern lifestyle